Dosage Forms

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Jolley’s uses a variety of different dosage forms to help get medication where you need it.

Transdermal Cream
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Jolley’s prepares medicated creams like this one to deliver medication directly to your bloodstream, using transdermal bases to carry your medication through your skin and into your bloodstream.

Medicated Lollipop
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A medicated lollipop like this one will generally be used for children before a surgical or dental procedure.

Medicated Cream in Topiclick Dispenser
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The TopiClick dispenser helps you to dispense the right amount of your medication. Simply turn the bottom till it clicks, like a deodorant stick, and it will dispense 1/4 mL of your medicated cream.

Animal Treat
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Having trouble getting your dog to take his pills? Jolley’s can mix up a treat with your dog’s medication inside, flavored to his favorite flavor. We can flavor it kidney, chicken, beef, or just about any other flavor.

Sublingual Lozenges
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Don’t like creams? Try an under the tongue lozenge. Simply place one under your tongue for about a minute as it dissolves and is absorbed into the veins under your tongue. For smaller doses, they’re scored with lines to help cut these lozenges into halves or fourths.

Megapump Cream Dispenser

Similar to the TopiClick Dispenser, the Megapump cream dispenser delivers 1/4 mL per pump, so that you can be sure you are getting the right dose.

Cream in Tube
tube cream

Rectal Rocket Suppository
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No one likes to take a suppository, but sometimes you don’t have much of a choice.
The “rectal rocket” is a special suppository design for hemorrhoids that rivals traditional suppositories in three ways:

It does not get lost in the rectum, but remains at the point of insertion.
It treats internal and external hemorrhoids simultaneously.
The patient can expel gas without losing the suppository.

See for more details.

Nasal Spray

Jolley’s uses dispensers like this one to prepare nasal sprays to get medication into your nose.

Oral Powder Dispenser

Jolley’s uses powder dispensers like this one to make a “liquid bandage”, with medication inside for use in the mouth.

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