While menopause in women is well-known, a similar process of andropause in men—a change in hormones and the male reproductive system brought on by age—is not something most people are aware of. The most common result of andropause is a reduction in testosterone levels.

From a medical perspective this happens when the body slows down the production of testosterone and other androgens at a certain age. While the World Health Organization has yet to recognize andropause as more than a testosterone deficiency, the symptoms and side effects are realities that many men face on a daily basis.

Age and andropause aren’t the only reasons for low testosterone; Salt Lake City healthcare providers have also linked this condition to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, pituitary disorders, cirrhosis, and alcoholism. Some cancer treatments and other medication may also contribute to lower testosterone levels.

While there can be many causes for low testosterone, identifying the reason is just part of the equation. The other part is understanding how to deal with low testosterone and restore this hormone to an optimal level, which is where Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy comes in.

As one of Salt Lake City’s finest compounding pharmacies, we can help create the right medication to address your testosterone problem. First we will have you complete a testosterone test, and we will also need your doctor’s recommendations so that we can formulate the medication to the right measurements for each patient.

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