When it comes to your medical needs and medications, nobody is quite like you. With increasingly more individualized therapies and treatments prescribed by physicians from your family doctor to your specialists, off-the-shelf medications might not work for you. When you need specialized medicine, Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy is here to help.

Compounding pharmacies create medication from scratch—essentially following a unique “recipe” that is tailored to your medical needs, allergies, and medical conditions. We take individual ingredients and mix them together in the exact specifications and dosages that you require. It’s a truly customized way to treat diseases, centered around you.

Whether you require compounded medication because of a potential drug allergy, you need a lower or higher dosage than normal, or you need a specific medication but must have some ingredients removed to minimize side effects or prevent adverse drug interactions, a compounding pharmacy can help. Many doctors today will recommend medication that is tailored to your needs instead of just prescribing a blanket medication to every patient, even those suffering from similar ailments.

When you need pharmacy professionals who can tweak medication to fit your needs as a patient, Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy can help. As one of the most trusted compounding pharmacies in the Salt Lake area, we formulate medications precisely to the specifications of your healthcare provider.

Our mission and our goal is “to enhance traditional pharmacy with superior compounding service.” As such, we work every day to create medication that functions efficiently. Our top-notch facilities ensure safe, reliable compounding for any prescription needs.

In addition to traditional medication combinations, our compounding lab in the Salt Lake area offers services for women’s health care, veterinary compounding, pain management, hormone balancing, and more. We also hold seminars and consultations about our services to help patients and doctors better understand the field of compounding pharmacies.

We have been serving the Salt Lake area since 1954, and whatever medication you need, you can trust Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy to provide it. Find out why this is the compounding pharmacy Salt Lake City residents trust. Get in touch with our staff today to learn more about our medication and pharmacy services.

A Legacy of Knowledge and Service

About Jolley Drug1954 Joel Jolley Founds 9th E 9th S
1982 Jolley's Corner is Utah's
1st Compounding Pharmacy
1996 Moved to 1702 S 1100 E
2004 Dean Jolley independent
as Jolley's Compounding Pharmacy

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